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joining solutions

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Your experts for
plastics-metal stir welding
and FSW contract manufacturing

With us as your partner, you create innovative welding connections.

We have accumulated knowledge over more than 15 years in the areas of automotive design, prototyping, and the manufacturing of plastic injection molding and aluminum die-cast parts. Additionally, we possess several years of experience in FSW (friction stir welding) for aluminum in industrial applications and serial production. Our main focus lies in e-mobility, aviation, and the energy sector.


We are pioneers of
plastics-metal stir welding.


We are your experts
for FSW (friction stir welding)


We design and construct your
components to be FSW-compliant

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Benjamin Disraeli
About royos
We develop solutions

We are a strong and reliable partner for innovative joining techniques, especially for plastic-metal connections and friction stir welding (FSW).

With years of experience, particularly in new joining technologies, we are recognized as experts in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aluminum parts and aluminum die-cast parts for e-mobility and lightweight construction.

Our patented technology
plastics-metal stir welding

Plastics and metals are among the most crucial construction materials. Thanks to our patented technology, we now enable you to achieve an even simpler connection between these materials, all in a single process step. With low process forces and low temperatures, there is minimal measurable deformation. The use of recyclable plastics instead of aluminum contributes to environmental conservation!

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royos is your partner for
FSW contract manufacturing

Do you want to produce friction stir-welded parts at competitive prices and with maximum flexibility? As your partner in contract manufacturing for the serial production of FSW parts, we enable you to focus on your core business while delivering high-quality welded parts with complete traceability. Additionally, we can process and finish your parts comprehensively.

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We are pursuing a distinct vision...
together we join the future.
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