Plastics metal stir welding

Innovation: our patented technology - plastics-metal stir welding

Imagine the possibility of seamlessly connecting plastics like PA6 GF30 or other carbon fiber-reinforced materials directly to metal for automotive or aerospace applications — eliminating the need for screws, seals, or adhesives. Achieve enduring and consistently tight joints by leveraging the advantages of direct plastic injection molding along with the benefits of plastic welding, without the associated drawbacks. The process involves low force and temperature, resulting in minimized deformation. Opting for recyclable plastics over aluminum contributes to environmental preservation.


Weight reduction and
material diversity


Cost-efficient and


Versatile application

We join the future

The technology


We have developed a process that is ecologically and economically revolutionary.

  • Patented technology
  • can be used in ongoing series production
  • one tool suitable for every CNC machine
  • can be used on a standard robot
  • low costs, high value

Our primary emphasis lies in the automotive and aerospace sectors, with a particular focus on applications in e-mobility. Our technology is perfectly suited for producing distortion-free welded components such as inverters, battery trays, or electric motors.

  • Other housings and covers made from die-cast aluminum
  • Aluminum/steel-plastic composite parts
  • Plastic-chassis joints
  • Industrial applications
  • Structural components
  • Food industry
  • Household items
  • Facades and architecture

The application


The advantage


Currently, a shift in paradigm is occurring, moving away from traditional combustion engines toward e-mobility. The primary emphasis is on attaining climate and environmental objectives.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low-energy (cold) process
  • Fillers can be added
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • No additional solvents, no adhesives
  • No pores, no sink marks
  • Hardly any measurable distortion
  • Durable and strong bond
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