friction stir welding

Precision meets strength: welding below the melting point.

Friction stir welding is a solid-state joining process in which workpieces are joined using a welding tool without melting the materials and without the use of additives. The friction between the rotating tool and the workpiece generates heat, allowing the material to become plasticized in the area below the FSW tool. Due to the high forces, pressure, and stirring movement of the tool, the components are welded together in a gas-tight manner. FSW is applied, for example, in the automotive industry for electromobility, in rail vehicles, and in the aerospace industry.


High seam strength and
low deformation


Mixed joints



How it works

Functionality of friction stir welding

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How to start

Things we do differently than others

We typically commence our process in the design phase to preemptively address potential challenges in FSW production and to optimize part preparation. Following the design freeze, we initiate the construction of an FSW-compatible fixture for series production. Consequently, it is crucial that the fixture adequately supports the part and withstands the high forces encountered during FSW. Once the fixture is ready, we commence the FSW process.
The FSW process must be tailored to meet the requirements and unique features of each individual component. After configuring the process, you will receive approval samples, and the FSW process will be documented in the form of a WPS. Subsequently, the process can be replicated indefinitely, marking the commencement of production.


Are you looking to manufacture friction stir-welded components cost-effectively and with optimal flexibility? Choose royos as your partner in outsourced FSW manufacturing for serial production!

Focus on your main business while we deliver top-quality welded components with complete traceability. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive processing and finishing services for your parts.

If you are interested in our FSW technology or need additional information, feel free to reach out to us!

Benefit from our expertise.

Over the years, we have amassed extensive experience in crafting the right FSW geometry design and layout. Now, we aim to share our knowledge to assist you in optimizing the design of your components for subsequent production. Our emphasis lies not only on overall feasibility in the production of cast parts but also on enhancing the joining zones concerning the FSW process.

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